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At StaffPower, we strongly believe in the power of partnership and collaborative working. We understand that by working together, we can achieve greater things than we could alone. That’s why we actively seek out opportunities to form partnerships and collaborations with other businesses, organisations and individuals who share our values and goals. By combining our unique strengths and expertise, we can create innovative solutions and deliver better results for our clients and learners. Whether it’s through joint projects, knowledge sharing or simply supporting one another, we are always open to forming strong partnerships that bring mutual benefits and contribute to our shared success.

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N Atkinson


StaffPower recruitment are a professional and capable recruitment company, who provide a unique service. They use their own video interviewing platform, to submit candidates to our operational teams, covering Pensions...

V Waite


My experience with StaffPower has been absolutely great, could not have been more professional and helpful! Nothing to add, great staff that look after you. I would recommend to family...

S Watson


Overall, my experience with StaffPower has been really good, first time with an agency but really quick and professional, Peter and Christine are great! I would recommend StaffPower Group.

D Robinson

Production Manager, Signal Plastics

StaffPower have been our priority agency that we have used here for the past 2.5 years. Jane is our main contact and throughout dealing with StaffPower, we have had nothing but...

Snorkel UK

Thanks to Jane & her team, we have been receiving some really good operators off you lately which is making our jobs easier. THANK YOU

Paul Manson

MD, Print & Display

I rarely use recruitment companies to source creative people to help grow our team but we worked with Nigel at StaffPower Group in Sunderland to find a good cardboard engineer...

C Hall


I had a brilliant experience working with Karen who taught me a lot on the subjects we were working on and I’m very thankful to her.

L Aird


I have just finished a course with Jodie and Claire. Although it was fit into 4 days due to bank holiday, they managed to teach the course without it feeling rushed...